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Dental Protect dental office prides itself on providing comprehensive dental care in a pleasant and modernly equipped office.

Restorative dentistry

Caries is the most widely spread oral disease witch causes not just cosmetic problems but also weakening of the teeth, pain and swelling and, ultimately, losing of the teeth.

Oral surgery

n our dental office we perform different surgical interventions spanning from implant insertion, cystectomy (removal of oral cysts), apicoectomy, surgical tooth extractions, sinus lift...


Teeth that are lost or damaged do not only cause cosmetic problems but a variety of different anomalies - difficult chewing, swallowing, speaking or even breathing.

Dental orthopedics

Irregular teeth positioning an biting issues are some problems children and adults, that need orthopedic treatment, face. In addition to the esthetic defect, orthodontic anomalies can also...

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

It is very important, from a very early age, to insure proper jaw and teeth development. Furthermore, it is important to free your children from any anxieties and fears they may fell towards dental practitioners

Periodontology and Oral Medicin

Parodontopathy is a condition that affects the supporting tissue of a tooth, which include the bone, gingiva and periodontal ligaments which attach the tooth to the bone. This condition usually...

Teeth whitening

One of the most popular ways of quickly improving the look of your teeth is teeth whitening procedure. Thanks to a safe and painless procedure, you will very quickly achieve results - whiter teeth. In our office we are providing you...

Frequently asked Questions

Common questions clients ask the dentist

  • What is caries?

    Caries is a disease of the teeth caused by bacteria that accumulate on inadequately cleaned surfaces of the teeth, reducing the PH value, thereby irreversibly damaging the tooth enamel.

  • What is periodontopathy and how is it treated?

    Periodontopathy is a disease of the supporting tissue of the tooth (the tissue that secures the teeth) caused by bacteria, which subsequently causes tooth decay. It is very important to start therapy as soon as possible, because tissue degradation is irreversible. By improving oral hygiene, changing bad habits and adequate dental therapy, this disease can be brought under control.

  • Why are my gums bleeding?

    Gingival bleeding is one of the first symptoms of gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. The reason for the bleeding is the swelling and overall inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria and the presence of tartar. The slightest mechanical irritation results in injury to the inflamed soft tissue and subsequent bleeding (eg when brushing teeth). Healthy gums do not bleed, except for severe injuries.

  • Which brush should I use?

    When buying a brush, keep in mind what you are buying. It is not necessary to look at the name of the manufacturer (today all manufacturers are at approximately the same quality level), but it is necessary to look at the hardness of the brush you are buying. You should never buy brushes that are labeled or labeled H-Hard or M-Medium. The brushes mentioned are too hard and aggressive for use in the mouth. The brushes to be taken are those that are labeled extra-soft, ultra-soft or super-soft.

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